Saturday, 31 October 2009

Intro, verse, chorus.

I've decided to start up a proper blog thing to use for my thoughts. I currently have a wordpress blog over at my website, but it acts as more of a news feed over there. It's not really suited for rants, reviews or general stuff I want to say.

Anyways, for those who don't know who I am, which I make the safe assumption is the majority, I am Dave. I work at the University of Dundee as a Research Assistant, working in the Cell Biology Department. I have a Physics degree, and hopefully, soon I'll be examined for my thesis in Engineering. I also play punk rock political folk music around the country under the name Dave Hughes (see what I did there). I play this solo and also with a band, which I love very much. I'm married and currently stay in Dundee, but travel to Glasgow every other week for gigs and band practices.

Politically, I identify with the left, but not so left as that I am coming full circle. I think that's a dangerous place to be. My ideal world would have a socialist form of government, built on the principles of respect for each other, and helping those who aren't as able as the rest.

I am a massive Springsteen, Clash, and Mischief Brew fan. I love Steinbeck books, and my favourite films do not have the word "Movie" in the title.

I did have something to write about this evening, but I'll leave it till next time I log in and have more thoughts to put to it.