Wednesday, 4 July 2012

On Higg's Bosoms

I seem to have fallen in to a lapse of writing this blog. There are a number of reasons for this, mainly a dissatisfaction and unhappiness with my work life. I'm going to write that up more in full, but style it as a "Guide to your First Post-Doc".  This will take time and a lot of care as to be as safe as possible for myself (fear of my work place finding the blog!). Things are getting easier, so I'll try and start writing again.

I figured that since today saw the official confirmation (5 Sigma) of Higgs Boson, it would be a good idea to post. The Standard Model (of which Higg's Boson was a missing piece) has fascinated me ever since I started to study Physics at University. I love the simplicity of the model and also its accuracy, and find that there's wonderful poetry in seeing how the various forces are intertwined here and break off there.

The greatest thing, I think, about today's discovery is that it doesn't change anything. It merely makes verifies, solidifies and glorifies the model that we know and love.

Long live The Scientific Method.