About Me.

I'm guessing since you've found yourself at this page, you're wanting to know more about me? Well, more than reading the actual blog would actually tell you? That's pretty needy if you ask me. On the other hand, since I'm big-headed enough to actually have a blog where I pour out thoughts, issues and descriptions about my life, touché. Touché mother fucker, you win this one.

I'm just a guy from Scotland. I'm married and I live with my wife in Paisley, on the West Coast where I grew up. I have a degree in Physics, a Doctorate in Engineering and I'm currently working as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland. My field is generally Ultrasound and high frequency imaging.

I've been a computer user for over twenty years (I'm currently pushing twenty nine). My dad always had them around the house and so, being curious, I also shared his obsession. The first computer I used to program my first game was an Amstrad PC1512, and the game was a simple stick man collecting diamonds while mines appeared. The screen was green and keys were chunky, it was epic.

We never really had the 'cool' computers, when my friends had Ataris or Commodore 64s, I had an Amstrad 464+, other people had IBMs, we had Intertans running Deskmate. Although, when folk at school were playing with Tamagotchis, I was programming my Psion 3 series in OPM. So, I think I won that one.

My current favourite language is C++, but I'm happy with anything that's thrown at me.

I love music, as do a large proportion of the population. I'm not sure that I'd say I have a specific genre that I prefer over another. Songs I listen to tend to be driven by guitar, bass and drums, with some piano sometimes. It's probably easier to look at my last.fm profile to see what I've been listening to.  Although, I could probably use static HTML to say that it's more thank likely either Bruce Springsteen or Loudon Wainwright III at the moment.

I also play folk-music around the country, but that's for my other website to tell you about.

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